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Jan 25, 2010 7:00am EST
barack obama, the u.s. president, that there will be further attacks on the united states unless he takes steps to resolve the palestinian situation. in an audiotape obtained by al- jazeera on sunday, the al qaeda chief, praised the nigerian accused of the christmas day bombing." we would give a listen to a translation of that tape. -- we will get a listen to a translation of that tape. >> made peace beyond those that osama bin laden brings guidance to. our message, carried by words, conveyed to you through the flame of the hero, we have proved that the heroes of 9/11 can be effective. the message is that america will never dream of living in peace unless we lived it in palestine. it is not fear -- it is not fair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffered greatly. with god's will, we will continue as long as you continue to support israel. peace be on those that follow the lead of guidance. host: that tape was released yesterday. first, a quick political note, marion barry is set to announce his retirement after seven terms, according to two sources. the move would mak
Jan 1, 2010 7:00am EST
barrier, for these issues. in the united states we have the high-paying jobs here in the united states. host: how can this be done? caller: i am not certain about how you can do this. it seems that corporate america would rather pay the lower costs, then keeping the labor here in the united states. the government may be able to find a way to keep these jobs here in the united states. host: thank you very much. the "richmond times dispatch." they have a report on the comeback of the stock market, and how the seemed unimaginable. that is one take on the economy. baltimore, you are up right now. how are you doing? caller: i would say the number one policy issue for me is afghanistan. and there is the economy and jobs. i have done quite a bit of reading. this is reminding me of vietnam. i think that this is taking so many resources from the country and it will be hard to address any other problem. we are approaching this in the middle east, and this is not helping to solve the problems over there. more money should be devoted to domestic problems. i would like to see a lot done with public
Jan 5, 2010 5:00pm EST
focus by the united states on the problems of terrorism and in giving assistance to the government of yemen and following 2003 when there was a sense that al qaeda had been defeat indeed yemen, much of that dropped off. the amount 06 attention, the amount of resources that we gave to yemen dropped off significantly. and since 2006, with the reconstitution of al qaeda in yemen, only platedly has the united states sort of focused again on the problem there and of course the reason why we're talking about it this morning is because omar farooq aomar that took took omar farooq kathwari was coming from yemen. caller: my question is how long have we been with this war against yemen? i mean, i don't mean to go to a conspiracy theory but i read in ha general petraeus and another went down there so when tough head of arms services committee go to yemen, they are not just going to see if it's -- >> well, i wouldn't characterize it at all as a war in yemen. and senator mccain is my former boss. i worked for him for 5 1/2 years on foreign policy and so i can state categorically what was on his
Jan 6, 2010 12:00pm EST
-election to the united states senate. on each of these occasions, i have begun my remarks by observing that every important journey in life begins and ends at home. today is no exception. what is different about today, however, is not to announce the beginning of yet another campaign for the united states senate, but rather to announce that after 35 years of representing the people of connecticut and the united states congress, i will not be a candidate for re-election this november. i want to begin these very brief remarks by expressing my deepest gratitude to the wonderful people of connecticut for the remarkable privilege of being elected eight times over the past four decades to our national assembly. you have honored me beyond words with your confidence. let me quickly add that there have been times when my positions and actions have caused some of you to question that confidence. i regret that. but it is equally important that you know that i have never wavered in my determination to do the best job for our state and our nation. i love my job as your senator. i always have, still do. howeve
Jan 17, 2010 4:00pm EST
endangered species, which means you cannot shoot them in the united states. people can shoot them in canada and in russia and england, but you can shoot them in america. you can't bring the carcass of the polar bear you shot them roust into the united states. i met someone in the united states was on this this very trip that i'm about to tell you about. we were on the ship in the background called cappy time and those of you who side with an russian icebreaker strand in the antarctic a couple of weeks ago was the sister ship of this one. and it looks very much like this. it looks like somebody said that a block of flats on a barge. and we the cabin upon the upper deck and had a huge bridge from which we could see everything. the point of this trip, was one of the leaders of the trip. we were going to the north pole. when you travel and as part of the world nbc bears off in the distance, as i said it's usually over there you see that white and moving. that's the bear. while this is somewhat closer. we had a bear that came this close to the ship and it was right alongside the ship. this will
Jan 2, 2010 12:00am EST
talks about the state of education in the united states. taking your calls and e-mail like every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern, here on c-span. >> get your own copy of c-span pose the original documentary, the supreme court, on dvd. it is part of our american icons series, one of the many items available at >> next, we talk to the new supreme court justice, sonia sotomayor. she discusses her nomination by president obama, the confirmation hearings, and her first impressions of the job at a supreme court justice. her interview is followed by one with the first woman to serve on the court, former justice sandra day o'connor. >> 20 years plus, justice o'connor could remember vividly the details of her first argument, telling us what it was like. what are the impressions you are going to take away from yours? >> the moment that i sat down and was able to see the people in the audience, that is what i will intensely remember. there were lawyers that i knew sitting at the table in front of us ready to argue. watching the intensity of everyone's face -- i had forgotten how much peopl
Jan 28, 2010 10:00am EST
forward, the united states and the international community must assure that investments made in rebuilding haiti are actually carried out through community based organization, faith-based entities, nongovernmental entities and nonprofit organizations. my personal hope is that a new generation of leaders will selflessly lead haiti onto a new path of prosperity, through integrity, hard work, transparency, perseverance and true democracy. thank you. >> thank you, very much, dr. francois. thank you, all of you, for helping lay out the magnitude of the challenge here and put a lot of ideas on the table about things we need to think about. we in the time frame that we have i think if we do seven-minute rounds, then every senator ought to have an opportunity to be able to ask questions. and if we could ask you to sort of keep the answers tight. obviously encompass everything that you want to but we want to here, if we can. on a personal note, let me just say, dr. farmer, speaking as a dad, i want to thank you for the example and the opportunity that you have shown my daughter who i know just valu
Jan 30, 2010 10:00pm EST
's interesting. the bank of the united states is in some ways not the federal reserve. they don't have a currency but they're more powerful than the federal reserve today. it was a private in part privately owned stock was quite valuable. basically they controlled the money supply because they lend money to the state banks which were issued a lot of currency and the interesting thing is the bank of the united states was hiring senators, congressmen, senators to be there to represent and give speeches on their behalf. >> host: heaven forbid. >> guest: it is actually sitting members of congress it is the power of the bank had although i think a lot of economists think the bank did a good job because of its chairman nicholas biddle, the fellow from philadelphia who did a very good job but jackson hated elite is and what he saw as the corruption of the bank. >> host: and then congress passed a small probing and feed it -- vetoed it. >> guest: it's very interesting. until jackson, president hadn't vetoed many bills but they thought he could only use it for on a constitutional laws of the president of
Jan 16, 2010 10:00am EST
at the united states department of justice when 9/11 happened. and among the things people are talking about, prosecuting the war on terror or how to keep the homeland safe, one of my colleagues from the criminal division was having conversation to me, and he said you're never going to believe what they're talking about upstairs in a brainstorming session. i said okay, i brace myself and said let me know. he said somebody throughout the idea of the naturalizing naturalized arab-american citizens. i said, that is crazy. once upon a time, when i was a teenager that was a fantasy to send my parents back to syria and i would've been the first to turn the men. but that didn't really seem particular kosher. of course it wasn't without historical precedent that in world war ii we had turned our japanese-american population. and it didn't happen because it's illegal and the united states has a role of interment. but it kept sword coming back to this idea, and why are they talking about arab-americans in this way. dearborn is an exception but in the national american imagination and consciousness, ar
Jan 8, 2010 6:30pm EST
an executive order granting interpol and certain rights and immunities here in the united states. some are wondering if that has caused an opening for interpol to have extraordinary police powers in the united states. a requested it? -- who requested it? >> the executive order updated interpol's status based on the fact that within the fast five years -- past five years they have opened an office to assist in the type of information sharing between governments that we all know that is so important. all that does is simply bring them and given the same privileges and responsibilities that many other international organizations have in this country like the iea, imf, the red cross. >> it does not give them police powers? >> absolutely not. >> can you tell me whether any questions that took place here at the white house questions whether or not he would be tried as an enemy combatant? >> whether the conversations took place here at the white house? >> whether the 23-year-old should be tried as an enemy combatant. >> i would say a lot of subjects were covered in the situation room in terms
Jan 29, 2010 11:00pm EST
reform for the financial sector in the united states and around the world also stimulated sessions, president obama sent one of his top economic advisors larry summers, chairman of the council of economic advisors, the office that coordinates economic policy for the president. he previously served as treasury secretary dure the clinton administration as well as president of harvard university. i interviewed him early this evening at the conference center but before we show you that interview, president obama met house republicans today in baltimore. he did an interesting exchange with them and here is a look at some of the dialogue. >> if you were to listen to the debate, and frankly how some of you went after this bill, you would think that this thing was some bolshevik plot. i means that's how you guys... that's how you guys presented it. and so i am thinkg to myself, well, how is it that a plan that is pretty centrist, look, i mean, i'm just saying, i know you guys digree. but if you look at the facts of the bill, most independent observers would say this is actually what many r
Jan 16, 2010 9:00am EST
him in this effort. a lot of activity in the united states as this effort to mobilize moves forward. in florida, the vice president will travel with the secretary of state of homeland security, janet napolitano. visiting the haitian-american community there, and also an air base serving as a staging area for a lot of the relief effort, and in haiti, secretary of state hillary clinton herself now on her way to haiti. she intends to meet with the president there. rene preval. ed pret finally spoke with him yesterday by telephone after two unsuccessful attempts in the aftermath of the earthquake. an illustration how difficult communications have been and getting through to haiti itself, alex. >> nbc, thanks, mike. >>> and george w. bush and bill clinton will let you know how you can help. check local nbc listings. >>> as we've reported, there are between 2 million and 3 million people right now in need of food, water, shelter and health care. nbc news chief science correspondent robert bazell joins us live from port-au-prince. with another good day to you, let's get things from you in
Jan 19, 2010 9:00am EST
. the united states of america needs to get to the hotel montana and get our children now! >> reporter: the university group of 14 had come to distribute food to poor haitian people the day before the disaster. the missing students were in their rooms when it happened, the teachers in the gym. the eight who survived, most of whom were by the hotel's pool, have spoken about wanting to come back here for their teammates. >> after we hugged our parents and loved ones and felt safe, we were all like ready to go back, because we're missing two professors and four other students. >> reporter: the family of courtney hayes from georgia has traveled to the dominican republic looking for information and for their child in hospitals. the parents of britney gangel, who were originally told she had been found alive, only to then hear the heartbreaking truth, can only wait and know that rescuers here are trying to help answer their prayers. >> we need a miracle now. >> reporter: with more than 100 people thought to still be inside, this place now represents the destruction that has befallen families
Jan 28, 2010 1:00pm EST
for president and people here in florida and for people all across the united states of america. [cheers and applause] >> i seem to remember coming to tampa two weeks before the election. and you know what i said, this is a quote. people can check. i'm sure it was reported in the newspapers. i said change never comes without a fight. that was true then. it's true now. change never comes without a fight, florida. so i won't stop fighting. i know you won't either. we aren't going to stop fighting to give our kids a world class education, to make college more affordable to make sure that by 2020 we have the highest rate of college attendance than any country in the world. [cheers and applause] >> so we propose that graduates should only pay 10% of their income to pay back their student loans. [cheers and applause] >> and what i have said is we'll forgive student loan after 20 years. but after 10, if you choose a career in public service and if you decide you want to be a teacher, if you decide you want to be a cop, if you're not making huge amounts of money, we don't want to discourage you
Jan 29, 2010 7:00am EST
, but it needs to change in the entire united states as well. remember reverend right? he tried to explain this to america. republicans, you know what i was always taught? you call people liars, but i was always taught that it takes one to no one. go to your church and talked your creatures, who are not giving you the right training as far as how you should be as a person in america. thank you. host: news from the associated press, "bill gates is planning to give $10 billion to research vaccines over the next decade. also, there is a report that a osama bin laden, in a new video -- audio tape, has called for the world to abandon the u.s. dollar, blaming industrialized companies -- countries for global warming. the numbers are out for how many unions watched the state of the union, slipping down from last year. 48 million people tune in across 11 networks, but viewership is down from his address to the joint session of congress last february. the numbers are up from the first official address by george w. bush after the 9/11 terrorist attack. -- "as latter-day state of the union addresses g
Jan 14, 2010 10:00am EST
was active during the haiti-ç-another thing i want t know is the united states -- united nations isçó a criminal organization. it's responsible for the spread+ of the swine flu. it was pattening -- peatenting it as well.ko this is an effort to -- host: tony, you believe the united states has patented swine flu and responsible for spreading it? >> i don't know if the united states. i think the world health organization. host: why would they do that? caller: because they practice in genocide. they want to reduce the populationç by 80%. this is all part ofñ)ççw3;3 agenda.t( agenda 21.ç >> we'll leaveç this segmentçm the "washingtonç journal" and take you live to the white house. president obama will speak about haiti relief efforts. >> good morning, everybody. i have directed myç administration to launch a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives and support the recovery inç haiti. the losses that have been suffered in haiti are nothing less than devastating. in responding to disaster of this magnitude will require every elementçç of our nation capa
Jan 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
for flights headed to the united states. >> christmas day incident underscored that the screening procedures at foreign airports are critical to our safety here in the united states. therefore, we have to do all we can to encourage foreign authorities to utilize the same enhanced technologist for aviation security. >> never lands where the flight originate was the first foreign country to announce scanners, great britain and italy followed suit. and france announced plans to use scanners at some of the airports. >> but not all european nations adopting the u.s. inspired security upgrade. officials in spain, and belgium call the measures excessive. president obama taking blame for the lapses and said the intelligence needs to do a better job of recognizing threats. >> as we develop new screening technologist and procedures, our adversaries will seek ways to evade them in the never ending race to protect our country, we have to stay one step ahead of the adversary. >> fox news. >> meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton responded to america's failure to prevent that christmas plot. she t
Jan 13, 2010 5:30pm EST
of the united states. >> defoliants station in haiti. the massive relief effort underway for millions of people affected by this huge earthquake. >>> the winter warm up begins. lounge it last in my sky watch forecast. >>> and how american idol could get more youth to get out and vote. >>> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore this is fox 45 news at 5:on 30. >>> tonight a citywide effort to crackdown on crime. >> mayor sheila dixon, soon to be member sheila blake will be hitting the streets as a united front. >>> and joy is here with more. >> reporter: jeff and jennifer, last year alone 238 people were killed in baltimore city. so far this year five people have been killed. there is no doubt curbing the city's violence will certainly be a challenge for soon to be mayor chef knee rawlings blake. just last night a man was shot in the face near a high school in west baltimore. a crowd was just leaving the high school following the basketball game. the 129-year-old victim who was not a student was taken to sinai hospital. whoever shot the teen was seen getting on a metrobus and police a
Jan 18, 2010 11:00pm EST
are pouring in to haiti from the united states. a local doctor born in haiti is heading back to help perform surgery's. our reporter spoke with them tonight. she joins us live in the studio with the story. >> the doctor is an anesthesiologist at the medical center at st. joseph's. with the support of his association and using his own vacation time, he is making the trek back to help his homeland. this doctor was born in haiti but moved to the united states with his family a year later. he has other family members living there. when he heard the news of the earthquake, he tried to contact them immediately. >> we were finally able to hear from them, and they are all safe. it affects me a little bit more than that. >> he got together with a friend, and they put together a team of medical professionals who are taking their own vacation time to travel to haiti to help. packed up boxes of medical supplies to take with them. >> we want to bring our operating room to haiti. almost a week after the event, most of the crus injuries and the orthopedic trauma that has existed, we may be doing imputation
Jan 4, 2010 4:30am EST
to the united states. >>> security scare. newark airport locked down for hours after an unknown man slipped past the screening check point. >> as you can see, absolute chaos. >>> and touching the sky. dwarfing the competition, the world's tallest building open for business. this is the cbs morning news for for business. this is the cbs morning news for monday, january 4th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. this morning the obama administration is instituting new security measures for all passengers flying in to the united states. and passengers from 14 nations will be subject to particularly intense screenings. tara mergener is this washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, these international travelers will be facing new scrutiny now. the tsa calls it a major step forward. starting came, all travelers who want to get into the u.s. will have to play by tough new security rules. but people flying from nations considered to be sponsors of terrorism or other countries of interest will see the biggest changes
Jan 5, 2010 4:00pm EST
statements relative to the united states' position on the issue with the bombing and additional security that is takiki place right now at airports around the world. as you know, from have been increased security measures put in place at airports for people entering the united states, including patdowns, additional screenings and some cases they are hand checking luggage and going through every, single item that's inside a piece of luggage before allowing it to be put on board an therapy is inbound for the united states. the president, of course, was in hawaii at the time of this bombing, the attempted bombing of the flight that arrived in detroit, michigan a couple of weeks ago, and he has made strong statements in terms of what happened and why it happened. a lot of finger pointing has been going on for the past week or so over who is responsible for allowing this passenger to get on board with explosives in his underwear. you'll recall a gentleman from africa was on his way to the united states and attempted to ignite a substance packed in his clothing. people on board the flight wres
Jan 30, 2010 6:00pm EST
're going to be looking to see is the united states the one that is developing clean coal technology. is the united states developing our natural gas resources the most effective way? is the united states the one that is going to lead in electric cars. because if we're not leading, those other countries are going to be leading. what i want to do is work with west virginia to figure out how we can seize that future. but to do that, that means there is going to have to be some transition. we can't operate the coal industry in the united states as if we're still in the 1920s or the 1930s or the 1950s. we have to be thinking what does that industry look like in the next 100 years, and it is going to be different. and that means there is going to be some transition and that's where i think a well thought through policy of incentivizing the new while, you know, recognizing that there is going to be a transition process and we're not just suddenly putting the old out of business right away, that has to be something that both republicans and democrats should be able to embrace. cared me to d
Jan 29, 2010 10:00am EST
osama bin laden blaming the united states and others for global warming. the voice is apparently calling for the world to boycott american goods and stopping, quote, the wheels of the american economy. nbc has not been able to verify if the voice is, in fact, bin laden's. >>> also developing now there is a growing chance that the obama administration may move the trial of mastermind of 9/11 out of manhattan. they announced khalid shaikh mohammed and others would be tried just blocks from the world trade center, not too far from here. at first new york city mayor michael bloomberg supported the plan but he changed his mind this week. >> the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will, and it will also impact traffic and commerce and people's lifestyles downtown and it would be great if we didn't do it. >> that prompted three other hig high-profile new york democrats, senators charles schumer, gillibrand to make their concerns public. last night a justice department official told nbc news that it is looking into contingency plans. we'l
Jan 21, 2010 5:00am EST
. >>> the united states has sent more help to haiti. instead of going to africa and the persian gulf, the pentagon diverted 2,000 marines to haiti. the convoy could arrive in haiti sometime today. the united states has started preparing tents at cuba's gawntd guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus -- at cuba's guantanamo bay in case of a mass exodus. >>> there will be a telethon on fox 5 beginning tomorrow night at 8:00. >>> new this morning, his comeback victory in the massachusetts senate race stunned democrats, many of who are now concerned about the fate of health care reform. now, republican senator-elect scott brown will make his rounds on capitol hill today. sarah simmons joins us live with a preview. >> reporter: good morning. well, senator brown will be getting to know his new colleagues on the hill today meeting with senator both sides of the aisle including one. his big backers, senator john mccain, a republican from arizona. also, he will be meeting with his new partner from massachusetts, senator john kerry. now, the timing of his swearing- in is still up in the air. he is still tech
FOX News
Jan 29, 2010 7:00pm EST
that these sales will have a serious negative impact on relations between the united states and china. but earlier in washington the state department maintained this deal is perfectly legit. >> this was a clear demonstration of the commitment that this administration has to provide taiwan the defensive weapons it needs and as provided for in the taiwan relations act. >> shepard: by the way, the deal includes items, such as a 60 black hawk helicopters and 114 advanced patriot missiles. congress has 30 days to object to the deal before it goes through. coalition leaders say three americans died in eastern afghanistan today. two u.s. troops and one government employee. no word tonight on how they died but this brings the total number of american deaths in afghanistan this month alone to 29. more than double the total for january of last year. [explosion] >> shepard: taliban fighters launched an assault today on a major city in the south of afghanistan. security forces say the militants attacked with machine guns and suicide vests but afghan and british troops were able to repel the fighters, we're le
Jan 31, 2010 11:00am EST
on trial in the united states in civilian court. >> the come from behind winner in the race for ted kennedy's senate seat, scott brown guarantees when he gets to wash, there will be less back-room deal making. >> what it means is that now there will be full and fair debate and there will be no more behind-closed-doors meetings. i'm a fiscal conservative. when it comes to issues affecting pocketbooks and wallets, i'll be with republicans when they're pushing those initiatives. >>> a new face in the state of the union anchor chair. >> we're not here for our own internal inside-the-beltway conversation. it's supposed to be relevant. you're right. it's not just an honor. it's a heavy responsibility. people have minimal amounts of time. you and i know that. and so to get them to devote an hour, we hope we can by saying here is why we care, here is where this is headed, here is how it relates to your life. >> congratulations to candy crowley. this is the last time i get to say this, as you can see, we've been watching all the sunday shows so maybe you don't have to. joining me in washington where
Jan 28, 2010 6:00pm EST
way. >> to have the president of the united states once again affirming the importance of community college is very energizing and exciting. >> president obama says he wants to get a break to college graduates who take as student loans. they will be required to pay only 10% of their income on student loans. and they will be forgiven after 10 years if they choose a career in public service. >> the president's stop in baltimore tomorrow will start earlier than expected. at noon, he is expected at the renaissance hotel at the house gop retreat. it is said to be another attempt at bipartisanship. but before that, he will tour the machine co., a small business in highlandtown. that is where he is expected to detail his job creation proposal. he began unveiling it today in florida. >> will be building a high-speed rail lines right here in tampa, putting people to work. >> included in the present $8 billion national rail project is a system that would connect baltimore to b.w.i. marshall airport. members of the baltimore city council want to reduce the power given to the mayor and to the c
Jan 30, 2010 11:00pm EST
to the united states. during this disaster, the world has shown an overwhelming amount of caring and compassion, and we saw that in action tonight as 22 marylanders volunteered to bring help to a country that desperately needs it. they are packed, ready to go, and going to haiti tonight. a 22-member medical team from shock trauma. governor martin o'malley was there to say goodbye. >> i wanted to thank all the people here from the university of maryland for representing all of us and trying to provide some relief to people who are suffering and hurting after the earthquake. >> field hospitals are overflowing and have long waiting lists. many haitians could die unless the u.s. military resumes airless to the united states. >> it is difficult to release these people with no food and no house. it is challenging. >> residents are turning to a black market for badly needed medical supplies, which is why these maryland doctors and nurses are bringing 8,000 pounds of equipment, medications, and supplies to the capital city. they will work round-the-clock shifts, performing up to 200 surgery's a week, l
Jan 13, 2010 5:30am EST
them deal with it. >> the united states is offering powerful assistance to haiti and others in the region. we will provide civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> emergency response teams have been called up from virginia and california. >> there is specialized equipment. some of it is helping to search for victims trapped underneath concrete. >> at least a couple of americans are believed to be trapped in the rubble. a series -- serious loss of life is expected to there. >> we have been working so hard trying to get over the devastation of the last four hurricanes that took place within weeks of each other in 2008. >> the american red cross has pledged $200,000 in assistance and is sending in teams to haiti to help victims get food, water, and shelter. wbal-tv. >> stress affects all americans. a steady to tell you about. >> -- study to tell you about. >> and a girl receives three doses of the swine flu vaccine. it doesn't pose a threat? we will tell you when we come back -- does it pose a it's not fun. my dry skin is deep down uncomfortable. [
Jan 14, 2010 5:00am EST
were crushed. desperation. >> no hospital. no electricity. nothing. >> the united states is taking the lead in getting help to haiti. >> we have to be there for them in their hour of need. >> the u.s. vincent was deployed. army, aircraft and marines. his house barely standing, haiti's president spoke to brian williams. >> i know the -- of the people of the united states. i thank them for this gesture. >> haitian-americans gathered in washington and new york holding vigil for millions caught in a cruel disaster. still about 45,000 americans in haiti. so far only a fraction of them have contacted the u.s. embassy. >> this morning four johns hopkins students in haiti are said to be ok and local aid is on the way. >> good morning. well, the u.s. navy command has yet to say whether the ship will be headed to haiti but we know it has been activated and we know it is set to set sail on monday. it needs five days to get the ship ready. 60-70 civil mariners. their job will be to navigate, operate and maintain the u.s.s. comfort which is a floating hospital. they have 12 operating rooms alon
Jan 16, 2010 11:00pm EST
hillary clinton traveled to the region today, personally delivering usa. >> the united states is a friend, a partner, and a supporter. >> but as the food, water, and medical supplies make their way to those who need them most, it has become clear the massive relief effort still does not even come close to matching the need here. >> at the white house today, three united states presidents promised help for haiti. president obama announced that president george w. bush and bill clinton have agreed to throw their weight behind a massive fund raising effort. brian moore has that story from washington. >> president obama and listed his two predecessors for a massive fund raising effort. >> these two leaders send an unmistakable message to the people of haiti and the people of the world. in these difficult hours, america stands united. >> generous americans have already given millions. in pasadena, the owners did -- donors did not even have to step out of their car. vice-president by and ushered haitian americans that help is coming, despite a logistical bottleneck caused by the widespread deva
Jan 30, 2010 2:00am EST
of scholars and the united states and correa. many of you have a high ranking positions in your respective governments. the combined expertise in this room is really quite remarkable. i want to recognize the ambassador to the united states. it is a very special privilege to welcome him. he comes back to the center after having visited here before. he is one of the world's leading experts on injured korean affairs. dr. park is a renowned scholar is the finest tradition of woodrow wilson. he is the current president of the university of north korean studies. and is the chairman of the national security council for the republic of korea. he is the current presidential advisor on korean beautification affairs. in november of last year, he received the jacques chirac prize for conflict prevention with this 40 year devotion to maintaining peace on the korean peninsula. he has been a great friend of the wilson center. i am very grateful to him i am pleased to welcome him now. [applause] >> good morning. it is a great honor for me to be here with the. we are making some opening remarks. today's ev
FOX News
Jan 14, 2010 1:00pm EST
in the next hour the faa has put a ground stop on all flights going from the united states into haiti. in the bottom box, we are now letting that former president bill clinton and george w. bush have agreed to team up and held the haiti relief effort in much the same way that clinton and george h.w. bush teamed up for tsunami and other world relief programs. and breaking right now we have brand new pictures coming into "the live desk." this is new video of the exact moment the 7.0 quake hit. first you will see the camera shake. keep your eye to the left-hand side of the screen. you can see the row of houses starts to crumble like dominoes. from left-to-right sending out the cloud of smoke. you can see in the street there people are running down the street. as we get more video like this into "the live desk" it is coming in fast and furious. we will show it to you here. that is at the very moment of the quake. alisyn: help is on the way. the president announcing the u.s. is sending money. at this hour rescue and relief crews from around the world are scrambling. the state department is
Jan 29, 2010 5:00pm EST
hatched outside the united states, and then accomplished against the united states. it's the worst attack in the history of this country. so what are we doing? this is a public relations gimmick to try him in a civilian court. >> because the art i get some have made is if he's found guilty, the self-proclaimed mastermind of 9/11, if a civilian court finds him guilty, a criminal court before the whole world watching, he's sentenced to death, and executed, that would be for the world, for america's reputation as a recruiting tool against clade, much better than if a military court were to do the same thing. i see you're smiling, but the argument -- you wouldn't have all the benefits that he would have in a civilian court. >> that's not going to make a darned bit of difference to the terrorists who want to kill us or murder us. it is going to cut off questioning and intelligence as it did on christmas day. finally, all of that will mean nothing, because the president of the united states and the attorney general have very unprecedented way announced he's going to be found guilty. so his conv
Jan 31, 2010 7:00am EST
, not necessarily republican, but conservative thinking. in the united states here, we have a gentleman in the state assembly that is under the democratic ticket but is also a conservative, many people also agree with him. i'd think it works better that way. thank you. host: looking at a piece from "the washington post, the race in maryland, what could happen? looking at what is happening there with more of an interest, the gop wanting to look good in maryland for governor. "a string of republican victories has raised the stakes considerably for one of the fewer -- fewest 2010 holdouts. they will try to regain the maryland governorship, going up for that this year. in most likely will not announce until march. one of the races to watch. we got an e-mail from paul. "the gop is toast and they do not know. they will lose the senate seat in massachusetts and more in the next cycle and the only votes they will get are from those who have not followed what is happening in that vote along party lines. -- a party lines." lexington, ky. what do you think? caller: we have had some version of one-party rule fr
Jan 17, 2010 7:00am EST
the united states should be there but the chinese or what ever could come in there. but fake with the closures and layoffs, more money should be thrown into our governments and our country first. that sounds selfish, i am sorry. i think there are many people, detroit, michigan, they have been really hit hard. in my city, there is a lot of foreclosures going on. i think that's terrible. that's all i have to say. host: we will go to the democrats learned from jacksonville, florida, good morning. will there be a long-term u.s. commitment to haiti? caller: yes, i think it will bid. these people are really suffering. that is all of the other caller to say that. we need to commit money to all these other terrorists in other countries, one of commitment to haiti? host: york city, on the independent life. caller: good morning, you have a great show. i would like to make an observation -about the condition of haiti. i am a professor and i was assigned to nasa for disaster in the united states. were a small atomic weapon to use. one thing we learn from katrina and learn from 9/11 and n
Jan 29, 2010 11:00pm EST
been a central consideration for the united states. even though our focus on the region has been in during, this is an inappropriate time for us to reflect on what has changed, as well as -- this is an appropriate time for us to reflect on what has changed. at the same time, it is a cautionary tale. the divergent paths persued by north and south korea. nations that are fully engaged in that respect the fundamental rights of their citizens prosper and progress. those that choose isolation and oppression do not. i do not need to remind this distinguished group of the remarkable story of south korea's achievement over the last 60 years. from the ravages of war, poverty, and early years of authoritarian government, south korea emerged as a vibrant, democratic, increasingly proper suit -- prosperous country. from its membership to its upcoming role as the host of g- 20, it has taken its place as one of the core players in the global economy. from its and the piracy -- anti- piracy, it has moved to consumer security to provider of security. turning its back on the globalize world and t
Jan 2, 2010 3:30pm EST
in that position the president of the united states also asked chief justice william is to serve on the military commission's review panel with the rank of major general. judge williams has acknowledged to be one of the leading authorities on a life and times of a young perry lawyer from a little like. he served as founding chairman of the lincoln for a president of the u.s. grant association for 12 years serving as president of the lincoln group of boston and for nine years as president of the abraham lincoln association. judge williams is the author or editor of 11 books on mr. lincoln, the latest of which is lincoln lessons people and reflections on america's greatest leader, co are paired with william peterson and published by the southern illinois university press this year. judge williams is working on an annotated bibliography of all of the lincoln titles published since 1865 st. louis he should have that completed this weekend. at the same time is writing a book on lincoln as he rode. he has served on active duty with the united states army in the republic of vietnam. his decorations inc
Jan 10, 2010 5:15pm EST
on was the purpose of in the united states after 1964 and 1965 because there were these three legislative changes that happened on the national level but fundamentally changed america and essentially the foundations for the kind of society that could elect somebody like barack obama, president in 2008 and those are the voting rights act of 65, the civil rights act of '64 and immigration act of 65 and most people don't know the legislation's and they all happened under lyndon johnson and fundamentally transform who is american, who can vote, who can participate in the american's creation of a society and political system and so when i decided to do is put together an alternate tie line of defense from 65 to the present that are important from an arab american perspective so of course these are important to all americans like 9/11 and other things since the american memory is much shorter than for example the air of memory. those defense the 73 energy crisis or the 91 gulf war passed from american memory as a significant moments and then other defense like what happens in california 1985 are comple
Jan 5, 2010 7:00am EST
the united states of america. i am an independent, i do not vote one way or another, i vote according to a person. i do believe that this president has an agenda to bankrupt this country. i believe the debt that is his plan. the people keep saying that republicans have not put forth anything. to say, of argument here, what about selling insurance across state lines? they brought that up. what about court reform? they brought that up. toward reform alone, if you take in the amount of -- what about tort reform? they brought that up. tort reform alone, if you take in that amount, it alone would be $25 billion per year. when you come out of the health care money is. there are a lot of things that the republicans have put forward that would help this situation. host: thank you for the call. in "the washington post" this morning the white house called for more broadband access to increase competition. these comments written in his letter to the federal communications commission, "the current technology policy arm is not competitive enough and wireless internet access could serve as a afford
Jan 8, 2010 7:00am EST
business. it's in excusable when national security is involved. that the president of the united states should tell the cia to issue guidance of the timely distribution of intelligence reports is unsettling to put it mindly. it's mind-boggling the president felt the need to instruct the director of national intelligence to take further steps to raise the standard of trade craft analysis especially analysis designed to uncover terrorists plots either this is boilerplate or the country is in a world of trouble. that's "washington post" this morning. here's the "wall street journal". failure to connect the dots. the antiterror education of president obama continued yesterday with the white house report blameing the white house report counter terrorism community as a whole from a failure to connect the dots of intelligence that would have prevented uma farouk abdulmutallab from boarding a plane on christmas day. mr. obama blamed no one in particular for the failure and not even george bush. in one sense this is a refreshing sense the president said the bucharest stops with him. what's your
Jan 29, 2010 9:00am EST
released a new audiotape, purportedly of osama bin laden. the voice on that tape blames the united states for climate change and the global economic downturn. >>> in haiti, two weeks after the earthquake, medical supplies are still in short supply. they need antibiotics and painkillers and doctors there are still overwhelmed by the thousands of patients seeking treatment each day. >>> and could there be literary masterpieces hidden in j.d. saling salinger's new hampshire home. he died yesterday at the age of 91, but reportedly continued writing until his death, keeping a treasure chest of manuscripts in his safe. salinger refused to publish his late life's work. now to chuck and the 2010. >> that's pretty exciting. on the bin laden story, i guess his oil money didn't contribute to climate change. >> interesting to see him venture into other areas. >> no irony there on where he gets all his money as well. >>> let's move to the 2010. the debate over ideological purity in the republican party on display last night in charleston, south carolina. our own jobe jeb and mika brzezinski, they test
Jan 13, 2010 7:00am EST
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
Jan 16, 2010 9:30am EST
with the big dog, united states navy. they have resupply ships that can come in. they can stay there for a long time. >> indefinitely. >> suspect you'll see it there a long time with doctors being changed out as i said, these doctors we have there are critical to the base care back in the united states. i would suspect many military families, as we did during katrina, will be referred to local civilian hospitals because of the impact of all these doctors. >> well, there are a lot of doctors on board, a lot of equipment. this alone cannot meet all the medical needs. >> absolutely. visualize this as a level-one trauma center. helicopters pick people up for immediate care to go there to get sustaining care. they might stay on that ship a few days until they can move them on and move them to sustained medical care. it's like a moving emergency room that can take care of a large amount of patients, stabilize them, and move them to a place where they can recover. >> a reminder to our viewers, you are watching a live picture of the "usns comfort" leaving from baltimore, maryland, heading to haiti. it
Jan 11, 2010 5:30pm EST
american president of the united states. he will also get to hear interview with the people who helped to shape the campaign. in tv news. homer, marge and bart haven't aged but the simpson family is 20 years old. if you miss any of the episodes from this past season you are in luck. they will be released on dvd tomorrow. you can watch episode of the heart pounding drama yard this week. complete 12th season available tomorrow. show continues to explore the inner workings of the emergency room and dedicated doctors who make life and death decisions. fashion designer is moving to the director chair. we'll preview the new movie a single man on friday. i'm kandace, kandace, that's the low down. >>> ravens ran over the patriots yesterday in advance of the divisional play off for second straight year. john thoughts on the big win coming up next in sports. >>> hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed accep
Jan 1, 2010 11:00pm EST
, be the first new year's baby of 2010 for all of the united states. olivia rose alan has won her first competition and she's not even a -day-old. >> yeah, it was exciting. >> reporter: she's the first new year's baby of 2010, born four seconds after midnight at the greater baltimore center in townsend. >> i could have pushed a little bit sooner. and i thought, at least wait five minutes, and i said, okay. he had his heart set on it. >> reporter: the doctored delivered the first baby of the state, he didn't expect to deliver the new baby of the country. >> reporter: were you celebrating? >> no, i'm usually asleep. >> i thought she would deliver around midnight. áeut it was a very normal delivery. >> reporter: this little boy was first in massachusetts, another girl was first in florida, but none came into the world before this little maryland baby olivia. who's parents said they high fived knowing their baby's would get fireworks for every birthday. >> we joked with everybody, we have to get her in time for the tax deduction. but this is a lot neater. >> the nurses here at the hospital
Jan 14, 2010 11:00pm EST
is a low pressure system developing here in the central united states. eventually we'll start seeing clouds. sundays, late monday morning, afternoon before it clears out. it'll be too warm, expect maybe if it starts early enough to our north and west. then maybe a little sleet mixed in for just a brief time. and once the low pressure passes the region. once it gets off the east coast it's possible maybe enough cooler, could be a little bit of light wet snow. for the most part we're looking at rain. mild temperatures, relatively speaking we're talking the low 40s. west winds, five to 10 knots. clear and partly cloudy tonight, 26, tomorrow we'll see sun, mild temps up to 50. we got up to 50 today. clouds at night, good chance of rain on sunday. , 42, 44 and 42, partly cloudy skies. >>> coming up, another road trip for the ravens, the bags are packed for indianapolis. mark has the ,,,,,,,,,, produce with a 100% guarantee... means freshness is always in season. rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender, says you're always ready to grill. and now, safeway has a new promise. a commitment to thous
Jan 24, 2010 11:00pm EST
of the united states? well, president obama received a summons for jury duty at the courthouse in chicago. however, with his first state of the union speech set for wednesday, the president is just a little busy this week. he has alerted the court he can't make it. a lot of other things on his plate right now. >>> still to come on wjz eyewitness news tonight, oil spill aftermath. texan residents take refuge with the oil. >>> caught on tape, a customer at a jewelry store decides to take the goods and run. >>> an important recall you need to know about. could salmonella be in your lunch meat? that's coming up. >>> the baltimore boat show sails into town. i'm gigi bar net. coming up. -- gigi barnett. >>> i'm bernadette woods, there's a flash flood watch in effect and warnings in effect through tomorrow. we'll have your complete first warning forecast coming up when wjz eyewitness news returns. ,,, >>> a massive sink hole in san antonio, texas, leaves residents on edge. nearly two dozen homes are in danger of dropping into the hole. a series of cracking opened up in a retaining wall this morn
Jan 3, 2010 11:00pm EST
. >>> in the meantime, uncle sam is issuing new security rules for all airlines flying into the united states. passengers will be subjected to body screens and pat downs. the security administration says that they are starting tomorrow. all passengers can also expect extra scrutiny on random flights. >>> the biggest hole is that people get on board. they have pollings. we should not get on the airplanes without going through the secondary screening. >> tsa as they pull but for more use in the united states and adding air marshals to the international flights. >>> just today, a man skirting through the airport in new jersey and police are looking for them. authorities say that the man walked through the screening check point into the secure check point for them. and flights have been grounded and passengers are being rescreened. police are looking at surveillance tapes to try to identify that man. >>> yes, the ravens clinch their wild card playoff spots with the win against the oakland raiders today. it was the show out here as they ran for the career high, 157 yards and three touchdowns, lead
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